If you have been unexpectedly injured by someone else’s negligence – in a traffic collision, an incident of medical malpractice, or in any other type of accident – you might quickly find yourself in a financial jam, and you will need the services of a settlement funding company.

In all fifty states, the injured victims of negligence are entitled by law to full compensation for their injury-related medical bills, lost wages, pain, and personal suffering. However, that compensation is neither automatic nor instant. You may have to prove that you’re entitled to it.

To acquire your compensation, you and your personal injury lawyer may have to prove that you were injured by negligence and that you are therefore eligible for compensation. Some cases can take months – or even longer if your injury claim is disputed and your case goes to trial.

How Can You Pay Your Bills With No Work or Income?

How can you meet your obligations while your injury claim is pending? If you can’t work because of your injury, bills pile up fast. In the past, the stress of mounting debts caused injury victims to give up and settle for an amount far below what an injury claim is actually worth.

The other side might make a low settlement offer, knowing that you are swiftly running out of resources. Of course, an injury victim wants his or her case to be over as quickly as possible, but not at the cost of losing the full compensation amount that a victim of negligence deserves.

Today, however, when they are faced with rapidly mounting expenses – and when there’s no money coming in – many of the injured victims of negligence are turning to pre-settlement funding as their financial solution.

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding provided through a settlement funding company lets you have access to your money before your case is settled. By easing your stress, pre-settlement funding can give you more time – and “breathing space” – to reach a more generous settlement.

And if a fair settlement is not offered in out-of-court negotiations, pre-settlement funding may give you the financial ability and enough time to take your case to trial. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan. If your lawsuit does not prevail, you keep the funds and pay nothing.

Pre-settlement funding is available in all fifty states to injured victims of negligence who have filed personal injury claims in cases arising from traffic accidents, defective consumer products, premises liability, medical malpractice, and other accident scenarios.

Pre-settlement funding is also available to surviving family members who are bringing wrongful death claims after losing a loved one because another party was negligent.

What Else Should You Know About Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you are seeking pre-settlement funding, do some serious, in-depth research regarding terms and conditions. After an injury caused by negligence, seek medical attention, consult a personal injury attorney, and if you move forward with an injury claim, contact a settlement funding company promptly.

There’s no cost or obligation to learn more, and it would be our privilege at Universal Funds to assist you with settlement funding details and services. We are the settlement funding professionals that scores of injury victims have turned to while their personal injury claims were pending.