Who’s Usually At Fault In a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Current statistics show us that nearly four million dog bite incidents are reported every year, and dozens of them lead to the victim’s death. Unfortunately, young children are usually the bite victims, and older adults comprise the second-largest group of victims. These statistics are compiled annually by the World Animal Foundation.

A Canine’s death jaws and teeth are designed to tear flesh and food apart, and some breeds’ jaws are strong enough to shatter bone. If you’re bitten, you must seek immediate medical attention, as a dog bite can cause muscle and nerve damage, disfigurement, lacerations, rapid blood loss, and injuries that could require amputation.

Also, depending on the severity of the bite, you (as the victim) could incur lasting and deep psychological scars and diseases. These scars (both inside and out) can inflict years of pain & suffering on you and your family. Many dog bites require physical therapy or reconstructive surgery for you to recover fully.

So, we all know you can’t “sue” the dog, but you can sue the dog’s owner (or handler) as the person responsible for the dog by claiming negligence. If you claim negligence, the law dictates that the animal’s owner (or handler or responsible person) is obligated by a “duty of care” to ensure the animal does not inflict harm.

This is especially true if the owner is aware their animal could exhibit aggressive behavior or has done so in the past.

Every state has a definitive that covers dog bites and other dog (or animal) related injuries. There may be slight differences, but commonly the owner could be liable for your injuries if:

  • Your injuries were caused when the owner’s dog bites or “otherwise attacked” you.
  • As the injured party, you were in a public place or, lawfully, a private home or area.
  • You did nothing to provoke or antagonize the dog.

Considering the severity of these injuries, especially to small children, the medical, surgical, cost of recovery, and pain & suffering expenses could mount up quickly, but so can the amount your personal injury lawyer is suing for.

How Does “Pain & Suffering” Affect My Dog Bite Case?

When a dog bites you, you may need extensive medical attention, medical aftercare, physical therapy, and more. These costs, however, can be easily calculated as you have the hospital, medical bills, etc., to prove them.

“Pain and suffering,” however, is available in numerous dog bite cases as common dog bite injuries and the resulting medical treatments (such as plastic surgery) can often be excruciating and long-lasting.

Also, if your attack was moderate to severe, the psychological effects may change many parts of your life that you never expected to be affected.

There are many ways lawyers and insurance companies calculate pain and suffering settlements; some of these “pain & suffering” settlements can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.

Your experienced personal injury lawyer will calculate the medical bills, lost wages, ongoing medical care, and more to determine the amount you need to be “made whole.” However, “pain and suffering,” whether actual physical pain that halts your career or psychological distress that changes your life, is not so easily determined.

Insurers may attempt to use a “pain multiplier,” which multiplies the actual damages by a specific number (based on injury severity) to estimate appropriate compensation for pain and suffering.

However, your lawyer may bring in specialists, witnesses, and more to ensure you get the compensation you need and deserve. Yes, pain & suffering adds up and can significantly increase your compensation.

If I Settle My Case Before Trial, Averagely How Much Can I Get?

There are many ways to review and determine the “average” dog bite settlement, but it’s challenging to decide by looking at the compensation others have received. That’s because the specifics and severity of your injuries and the specific laws of your state directly impact the compensation you obtain.

Still, it’s helpful to know that, recently, the average cost for a dog bite settlement was $60.000 to $120,000 in 2022, according to current insurance claims. This is 32% higher compared with the prior year. Overall, an estimated $1.13 billion was paid out by insurance companies for dog bite settlements in 2022.

I Need Funds Now To Recover Both Physically and Financially; What Can I Do?

Depending on the severity of your bite (or bites), you may already be losing time, and wages, at work, mounting up medical bills and needing funds to recover. You are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit but need funds now to keep you and your family afloat.

Reputable and reliable dog bite settlement funding companies are available for victims involved in dog bite lawsuits. If your injuries prevent you from working, and worse, these companies can supply financial relief while you wait for your case to settle and regain financial stability.

These “pre-settlement” loans are not based on your credit or assets; usually, if you lose your case, they do not have to be repaid. The pre-settlement funding company will review your case with your personal injury lawyer and determine a rational dollar amount to extend to you and your family now.

It’s always wise to have the funds to allow your experienced law team to do their job right. Getting the total compensation you need usually takes time. If you are under physical and financial stress, the insurance companies know they can offer you a low amount and possibly get off easy.

Don’t allow that to happen; by working with a reliable, diligent, pre-settlement funding company, you can get the funds you need to recover and survive financially now.

I Need More Information About Pre-Settlement Funding; How Should I Proceed?

Depending on your specific case, dog bite lawsuits can be legally complex to litigate, and your personal injury lawyer needs time to get you the compensation you deserve. By consulting with a pre-settlement funding company, you can quickly and easily determine how much you can receive now to pay medical bills, recovery costs, household bills, and more.

You can often have the funds you need in two weeks or less and begin to move on with your life even before your lawsuit settles. Also, if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay back the money you received.

Universal Funds is a reliable, stable, and well-known pre-settlement funding company that has helped thousands of dog-bite victims obtain funds to get through these cases’ complex litigation and settlement process.

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